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VNS3 in Practice - Architecting Secure Cloud Networks

About VNS3 Training

The VNS3 Certified Architect - Designing and Securing Cloud Networks course is intended for individuals who have experience with both VNS3 networking fundamentals and public cloud architectures. Users who can set up and connection IPsec connections and interpret network command line tools will benefit from this course.

The VNS3 Architect course applies VNS3 foundations to real-world scenarios. The course begins with how VNS3 can enhance AWS or Azure cloud networks, from routing to security. Building on the strong cloud and networking fundamentals from the VNS3 Associate course, this level will dive directly into using, customizing, and troubleshooting VNS3 networks in cloud.

Who We Are

Cohesive Networks is passionate about both learning and sharing knowledge with our team, customers, partners and community. Our virtual networking software helps over 2,100 customers in 22 countries get their businesses connect and secure the data that matters most to them.

VNS3 is changing the way enterprises secure and connect applications in the cloud. We are more than happy to help you educate and assist your end customers at any point along the journey.

Why get certified?

This exam validates your ability to:

  • Plan and architect distributed and resilient networks across regions and providers
  • Manage multiple network controllers in a mesh
  • Support highly available and reliable network topologies
  • Troubleshoot complex, distributed network issues that involve multiple connecting parties

Grading and Timing

Course Timing

This course can be online-only or a combination of online and in-person. We estimate the course will take 8 hours to complete. This includes the videos, reading materials and some suggested external documentation cited in the course.

There is a 1 hour time limit to the final exam. The course modules are designed to build on existing knowledge, so the exams are “open-book”. All questions are limited to 1 submission attempt. After examinees attempt a question there is an option to check the answer.


This course will cover three Domains. Each Domain section will have a quiz, for 10% of the total grade. Each Domain section will have a hands-on lab, combined for a total of 25% of the final grade. The last section is the final exam which counts as 45% of the total grade. Students must get at least 60% correct to pass the course.

Grade Distribution:

  • Lab assignments: 25%
  • Domain quizzes: 30%
  • Final exam: 45%


Unlike previous courses, you must:

  • Have completed both VNS3 101 and VNS3 201 courses, OR have the approval from Cohesive Networks to take this course,
  • Hands-on experience with VNS3 IPsec tunnels, routing, firewalls, and network sniffer,
  • Cloud-based or hardware IPsec networking devices to run demos and labs.

Training Team

Patrick Kerpan

Patrick Kerpan

Patrick Kerpan is a co-founder and CEO of Cohesive Networks. He responsible for directing product, technology and sales strategy. Prior to 2013 Mr. Kerpan was also CTO. Mr. Kerpan has more than 20 years of software and entrepreneurial experience. Previously, he was the CTO of Borland Software Corp which he joined through the acquisition of Bedouin, Inc., a company he founded. Before founding Bedouin, Mr. Kerpan was a managing director responsible for derivatives technology at multiple global investment banks.

Patrick Kerpan is a recognized Cloud and networking thought leader, and frequently presents and writes for technology events and publications.

Margaret Valtierra

Margaret Valtierra

Margaret Valtierra is the Senior Marketing Specialist at Cohesive Networks. She is responsible for growing Cohesive’s awareness through digital and written content creation, public relations, and community events. She organizes the Chicago AWS user group and DevOps Days Chicago. Previously, Margaret was VP of Operations at GreenPoint Partners, a sustainability consulting company for commercial real estate. Margaret has a BSM from Tulane University and is an Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have public cloud experience to start this course?

Yes. This course assumes you've taken the VNS3 101 and 201 courses or you are very familiar with VNS3. Experience with IPsec devices will help, along with the ability to launch test instances/VMs in cloud.

Can I skip this course if I feel comfortable with VNS3?

No. You will not get credit for any VNS3 training if you skip quizes or tests in this course.

Do I need to be certified as an AWS Architect, CCNA, or other professional recognition?

No. This course will focus on topics and troubleshooting skills specific to VNS3. Knowledge and experience with networking, public cloud computing, and enterprise security can help you, and we suggest studying relevant materials from other sources before diving into VNS3 Training.

What resources will I need to study and test?

A reliable, high speed internet connection, your favorite command line editor, and public cloud accounts will all help you succeed with VSN3.

Ability to access and test in a virtualized environment such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.